Began March 3, 2014
Updated April 11, 2020
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You’re lookin at it! I’ve been maintaining this site in it’s current repo since 2014. Before that, I had a pretty minimal portfolio hosted on my university’s website that began it’s life in 2006.

This is my personal playground, and I’m constantly iterating on it. It’s been on Angular, used a metric ton of Parallax, lived in Drupal, and a couple of other exploratory rewrites.

As of writing, I am using Hugo and GitHub Pages to build and host the site. It’s definitely the simplest version I’ve created thus far - I’ve made a conscious effort to go back to the basics and use native tech almost exclusively. The repo is public and I hope to make a post about how it works eventually.

I now spend almost zero effort getting new posts out, it’s free to host, and updating in general is a joy.