Throughout my career, I’ve made it a point to have a varied experience. I believe every stack can offer valuable insights into problem solving with software.

Simple and elegant solutions really get me excited. This site is primarily built on Hugo and I’m really hyped for things like Svelte. The JAMStack and the things companies like Zeit are up to are moving writing software for the web in an excellent direction.

As I’ve become more comfortable in my ability to skate around different tech, I’ve started moving increasingly towards mentoring others.

I’ve built software on the foundations of things like NextJS, GraphQL, Golang, C#/.NET, and Drupal 8.

To get projects up to prod, I’ve used CircleCI, Google Cloud Build and Ansible.

Production workloads I’ve managed have included systems such as NodeJS, Grafana, Prometheus, Redis, Varnish, Apache Solr, and many more.

Most recently, I’ve been doing all of this on Google Cloud Platform but I’ve been deep in AWS and have used Digital Ocean for many a personal project. I would really love to be using some sort of serverless + static files driven solution for future projects.

With this site I hope to share insights I’ve collected along the way with you. Thanks for stopping by.